Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary

Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Wada, Shahapur and Mokhada Talukas in Thane district of Maharashtra. It is at a distance of only 90 km from the city of Mumbai. The Sanctuary covers an area of 320 sq.km, houses many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. The Wildlife sanctuary at Tansa at Thane district comprises the catchment area of tansa lake and the surrounding forests of Shahapur, Khardi, Vaitarna and East Wada Ranges in Shahpur tehsil of Thana district. The Tansa lake, an artificial lake inside the sanctuary acts as a good source of water for all the wildlife that exist in the sanctuary as well as the city of Mumbai. Formed across the river of Tansa, Tansa lake is one of the largest lakes in the state of Maharashtra which has a capacity to store 3 million gallons of water. The quite but immense water spread of the lake, is an eye-catching spectacle. Close to the sanctuary, many places of interest for the tourists which includes the famous Mahuli fort, the Mahadeo Temple in Tisla and the Plateau of suryamal. All of these places possess importance that holds roots in the ancient times and each one of them has a story about itself to tell.


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