Tamhini Wildlife Sanctuary

A part of Sahyadri range of mountains, the Tamhini Ghat was designated as a wildlife sanctuary in January 2013. Situated 70 km from Pune, the ghat is home to rich and diverse selection of flora and fauna, not to mention its scenic beauty which draws tourists and visitors, especially in the monsoons, when it is dotted by waterfalls. The sanctuary is home to 28 species of mammals, 150 bird species, including 12 Indian endemic birds, 72 butterfly species, 18 species of reptiles, 33 species of invertebrates, and rare flora. Among its wildlife is the Kondana soft-furred Rat (Millardia-kondana) which is an endangered species. The state animal of Maharashtra, the Indian Giant Squirrel, commonly known as Shekaru. The temple dedicated to Vinzai Devi and the beautiful Devrai (scared grove) full of some interesting flora adds to the charm of place. The forest are rich with bird life, including insects and endemic Indian Giant Squirrel.

Sudhagad Wildlife Sanctuary, recently notified in the year, is spread over the districts of Pune, Raigadh and is nestled in the biodiversity rich Western Ghats. The sanctuary offers refuge to variety of wildlife including vultures. Efforts are on to prepare a suitable management plan and strengthen the administrative structure by the department.


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