Pranhita Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated 35 km from Mancherial, the prehistoric topography of the Deccan Plateau comes alive with the sound of birds and animals at Pranhita Wildlife Sanctuary. Spread over 136 of dry deciduous teak forest including 2.18 of reserve forest on the blanks of river Pranhita, a tributary of the Godavari, the prehistoric rock formation makes a visit to this sanctuary all the more interesting. The sanctuary is a treasure trove of fossils. Here the wild life watcher can see the Indian Porcupine along with the other animals like Nilgai, Sloth Bear, Tiger, Leopard, Forest Cat, Langur, Rhesus, Palm Civet, Indian Otter, Wild Dogs, Hyena & variety of Birds including Brahminy Duck, Coomin Teal, Stroke & Heron.


How To Reach

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