Bor Tiger Reserve

Bor was declared as a Tiger Reserve in August 2014. It is one of the latest and smallest tiger reserves by area in the country. Bor was declared as a wildlife sanctuary on 27 November 1970. Bor Tiger Reserve is situated along the southern boundary of Nagpur district and northern boundary of Wardha district of Maharashtra, and extend over an area 61.10 sq.kms. including the reservoir. It represents the floral and faunal wealth of Satpuda-Maikal the landscape. Satpuda runs aling the Northern boundary of Maharashtra from West to East and meets the Maikal hill range which comes from Kanha. It was a game reserve which was subsequent declared as wildlife sanctuary in 1970 to conserve its biodiversity. Bor Tiger Reserve supports a dense population of herbivores amd carnivoures which is comparable to Kanha and pench in terms of animals/km2. As per tiger census of 2014 there are 4 adults and nearly 5 sub adults or cubs in this area.





How To Reach

Nearest Bus Stand Wardha

Nearest Railway Station Wardha

Nearest Airport Nagpur

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