Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary

Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary sharing boundary with districts with Yavatmal and Nanded districts of the state, has the river Painganga on its 3 sites, hence the name. Painganga Wildlife Sanctuary comprises primarily the erstwhile forest ranges of Bittargaon and Kharbi ranges of Pusad forest division,in Yavatmal circle, and part of Kinwat area of Nanded dsitrcit. It has been notified in 1986 over 324.62 After due enwuiry and sanction the revised area of Painganga wildlife sanctuary comprising only of areas in Pusad division over 100.27 have been notified in 2004. The Sanctuary supports typical teak forests of the area, and all along the river patches of Arjun planted in earlier years are dotted. Principal species is Teak and its associates Buchnania, Adina, Dhawda, Tendu.


How To Reach

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