Mayureshwar Supe Wildlife Sanctuary

Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in tehsil Baramati in Pune Distrcit. It is 72 km from Pune and 35 km from Daund. Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is a very small wildlife Sanctuary in Pune District. It is near village Supe in Baramati District. This small area is a microhabitat for Chinkara. The Chinkara is slender bodied antelope. Multiple wild animals such as Fox, Wolf, Hyena etc ca be seen. One can also see varietyof birds long Tailed shrike, Silver Bill, White-shouldered Kite, Ashy-crowned Sparrow Lark, Gray Francolin etc. The Sanctuary consist of dry deciduous scrub forest with interspersed grasslands. The main species are Acacia catechu(Khair), Acacia sp.(Hivar), Dalbergia latifolia(Sisoo), Ziziphus mauritiana(Ber), carrisa carandus(Karwanda), Alysicarpus bupleurifolius, Cyathocline purpurea, Eriocauion diane, Merremia emarginata, Cucumis melo, Cyperus kyllingia, Striga densiflora, Mareilea minuta.


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