Mamdapur Sawardhan Rakhiv Kshetra

Black bucks abound in their habitats in the forest belt of Yeola region comprising, Rajapur, Somnathjosh, Mamdapur, Kharvandi and Devdari would be protecting in Mamdapur, around 127 km from Nashik, is declared as a conservation reserve in 2104. The forest area that has been included in the Mamdapur Conservation Reserve is of 544.955 hectares and is spread over these five villages. There are around 400-500 black bucks in this region. The FD attempts  to involve locale people in protection and conservation. Cycling and nature trails for eco tourism are also in the plan. Convergence approaches to improves local participation, reduce dependence on forests are the main focal points of management. Other animals like Hyaena, Jackal and list of bird species like Peacock abound in area.


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