Lonar Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated on the outskirts of Lonar town in Buldhana District, the crater is distinguish by being the world’s third largest crater. It has its genesis nearly50,000 years ago, when a 2 million-ton meteorite impacted the earth to create a depression 1.83 kilometers in diameter and 150 meters deep. Since that cataclysmic event, Lonar has evolved into an idyllic expase of sky blue water amdist a sprawling emerald forest. Mineral deposits make the lake water very salty while fresh water springs abound at the crater’s edge. An unique ecosystem has evolved in the crater. Today, it attracts tourists as well as members of the scientific community from across the world. The destination has a much to offer wildlife enthusiasts as it generously endowed in both flora and fauna. The crater is home to hundreds of Peafowl, Chinkara and Gazelles, which brows amongst the shrubs and bushes ringing the lake. Other residents include Egret, Moorhen, Heron, Coot, White-necked Stork, Lapwing, Grey Wagtail, Grebe, Balck Drongo, Green Bee-eater, Tailorbird, Magpie and Robin as well as numerous species of migratory birds tha often visit the place.


How To Reach

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