Kolamarka wild Buffalo Conservation Reserve

Kolamarka Conservation Reserve is 2nd reserve in state and first protected area declared for wild buffalo conservation. The kolamarka conservation reserve(KCR) is situated in the Sironcha forest division along the Indravati River. It came into existence with the notification WLP-2012/CR 272/F-1 date 8th January 2013. Significance of KCR lies in the fact that this is only confirmed habitat of wild buffalo in Maharashtra state. Out of approximately 50 individual in Central India which is supposed to be only pure wild breed of wild buffalo in India, approximately 15-20 are in KCR area. Thus, reserve is vital for the long term survival of the wild buffalo in Indravati basin area. Department had employed the monitoring team since last year. Members of the team belongs to the villages falling within KCR area. Villagers themselves are selecting members for the monitoring team on the rotational basis so that more and more people may get the benefit of the conservation endeavor of the department.


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