Bhorgad Sanwardhan Rakhiv Kshetra

Borkheda Conservation Reserve commonly known as Borgad Conservation Reserve is the First Community Reserve notified on 5thMarch 2008 in maharahshtra. Situated within 20 km from city of Nashik is the 2nd protected area in Nashik district till recent times. Area represented typical root stock of dry deciduous forests, which by collective conservative efforts of the Forest department in tandem with local villagers of Tungaldera, effective support of the Indian Airforce and private organizations like Mahindra and Mahindra underlined by the Strong continuing conservative vigil and efforts of the Nature Conservation Society of Nashik NCSN headed by the Honorary warden of Nashik district Sh. Biswarup Raha have improved the area significantly and the area is now to a home variety of endangered flora and fauna.


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