Ambazari,Hinganghat Dist. Nagpur

Nagpur city is having beautiful water bodies distributed all around. Ambazari lake is one of the famous lake in Nagpur city. Ambazari lake is situated near the Southwest border of Nagpur. It is one of the 11 lakes in Nagpur. It is the largest lake in the city. Nag River of Nagpur is the main source of this lake. This was built in the year 1870 under Bhonsle rule for supplying water to the city. The lake was used to supply water to Nagpur for over 30 years.

Ambazari watershed is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in Nagpur. Watersheds are areas of land that catch rain, which in turn drain of seep into wetlands, streams, rivers, lakes, or groundwater. They come in all shapes and sizes, and can vary from millions of acres, like all the land that drains into the Great Lakes, to a few acres that drain into a pond. There is a big chunk of forest land of about 750 hectare adjacent to the Ambazari lake. The development of this area into Nature education centre is necessary for Nagpur to provide an opportunity to people to expose to the nature and to make them understand about its importance.


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