Ambabarva Wildlife Sanctuary

Ambabarva Sanctuary nestles at the foothills of Satpuda range and has all the flora and faunatypical of the central highlands. It serves as an important corridor between forests of Maharashtra and MP. It has a rich repository biodiversity with endangered mammals like Tiger, Leopard, Wild Dogs, Chausingha,  Ratel etc. it is equally rich in birds, reptiles, insects and other invertebrates. The floral compositions also extremely varied with representatives of Southern Tropical Dry deciduous forests under the sub groups 5 A-C 16 of the Champion and seth classification. Most of the species found in MElghat are also seen in Ambabarwa with the only difference being in their abundance. The main species is teak and its associates. Bamboo forms the under storey and the ground is covered by a large numbers of herbs and shrubs. A large number of plants have important medicinal values and thus the area needs to be preserved for its valuable gene pool. The area is very sensitive from the protection point of view owing to its proximity to the Madhya Pradesh. Also, the large number of villages on the southern side results in very high biotic pressure on the sanctuary.


How To Reach

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